Known initially as McGwinn Village, Merrillville, IN, is a bustling hub where commerce and community intertwine, boasting a rich tapestry of cultural landmarks and a thriving retail district. It's a place where families grow, and businesses prosper, creating a constant demand for clean, welcoming spaces. All Star Floor & Air Duct Cleaning is dedicated to ensuring that every home and business in Merrillville shines from the ground up. Call our team at 219-386-3209 for a free quote.

Transform Your Floors With All Star Care

All Star Floor Cleaning sweeps into Merrillville with a promise: to turn tired-looking carpets, tiles, and rugs into spaces of comfort and pride. We dive deep into the fabric and grout lines, lifting away the dirt and grime that everyday life leaves behind.

The All Star Upholstery Refresh for Merrillville

Upholstery speaks volumes about your space. Our All Star Floor Cleaning specialists extract old spills and odors, making your furniture inviting. Be it a cherished family couch or an entire commercial lobby, we treat each piece with the utmost care.

Pristine Patios and Pathways in Merrillville

Our pressure washing services strip away the buildup of time, revealing the true beauty of your outdoor surfaces. All Star Floor Cleaning revamps driveways, sidewalks, and decks with precision and power, ensuring they mirror the community's vitality.

Easy Breathing With Air Duct Cleaning in Merrillville

Breathing clean air is as vital as living in a clean home. Our air duct cleaning services are essential for maintaining a healthy indoor atmosphere. We remove the unseen irritants and allergens in your ducts.

Rapid Recovery From Water Woes in Merrillville

All Star Floor Cleaning's water damage restoration services stand ready to rescue when water incidents occur. We act promptly to restore your floors so your routine is uninterrupted.

Keeping Merrillville Clean One Property at a Time

Merrillville's spirit is mirrored in the cleanliness and vitality of its spaces. Let's make your Merrillville property a beacon of cleanliness and health-call All Star Floor Cleaning today for your custom cleaning solution!

If you need your rug, upholstery or carpets cleaned in Merrillville, IN, Call219-386-3209.