Burns Harbor, IN, is a vibrant community of around 1,000 residents on the southern shore of Lake Michigan, just a few miles west of the Indiana Dunes National Park. With a rich history from the 1830s, Burns Harbor has grown into a modern hub for industry, recreation, and natural beauty.

As a proud member of the Burns Harbor community, All Star Floor Cleaning knows how important it is to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your home or business. That's why we offer a wide range of expert floor cleaning services to help your property. Call 219-386-3209 to schedule today!

Air Duct Cleaning: Breathe Easy and Save Money in Burns Harbor

Did you know dirty air ducts can reduce indoor air quality, trigger allergies, and increase energy bills? All Star Floor Cleaning can help you avoid these problems by cleaning your air ducts thoroughly and effectively.

Burns Harbor Pressure Washing: Blast Away the Grime and Stains

Does your driveway, sidewalk, patio, or deck look dull, dingy, or stained? All Star Floor Cleaning can restore the beauty and safety of your outdoor surfaces.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning: Revive and Protect Your Soft Floors in Burns Harbor

Are your carpets or rugs looking tired, worn, or dirty? Our carpet and rug cleaning can also help protect your investment by removing harmful allergens, bacteria, and mites that can damage your health and carpets.

Burns Harbor Tile and Grout Cleaning: Make Your Hard Floors Shine Again

Do your tiles or grout lines look dull, discolored, or grungy? All Star Floor Cleaning can restore their shine and beauty.

Burns Harbor Upholstery Cleaning: Refresh and Protect Your Soft Furniture

Are your sofas, chairs, or mattresses stained, smelly, or dusty? All Star Floor Cleaning can refresh and protect your soft furniture with our gentle and effective upholstery cleaning service.

Water Damage Restoration: Act Fast and Minimize the Damage to Your Burns Harbor Property

Have you experienced a flood, a leak, or a pipe burst in your home or business? All Star Floor Cleaning can help you minimize the damage and restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Don't let a dirty home or business in Burns Harbor hold you back!

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