Nestled on the southern shores of Lake Michigan, Chesterton, IN, is a picturesque town with a rich history and a vibrant community. Known for its beautiful parks and stunning natural scenery, Chesterton is the perfect place to call home. As a local business, All Star Floor & Air Duct Cleaning proudly serves the Chesterton community by providing top-quality floor cleaning and restoration services to residential and commercial clients. Call 219-386-3209 to schedule today!

Quality Carpet Cleaning in Chesterton to Restore Your Valuable Investment

Carpets add luxury and beauty to your space but also need routine cleaning to maintain their look. Professional carpet cleaning adds value to your investment. Without it, your carpets will begin to look dull and dirty. Protect your carpets and investment by hiring All Star Floor Cleaning in Chesterton, IN, and the surrounding areas.

Chesterton Professionals: The Benefits of Carpet Cleaning Services

Maintaining a healthy and clean environment in your home or workplace is important. We have a team of professional technicians specifically trained in our unique cleaning process.

Step 1: Pre-Inspection
First, we'll analyze the condition of your carpet and determine what cleaning is necessary. Then, we'll discuss your cleaning plan before beginning our service.

Step 2: Pre-Treatment
We apply a specialized, eco-friendly pre-treatment cleaning agent to break down spots and soils.

Step 3: Spot Treatment
Any stains we identify are specially treated with a unique, highly effective deep cleaning solution.

Step 4: Soil Extraction
Our technicians gently brush the carpet with our specialized brushing machine. This brushing, combined with the pre-treatment and spot treatment solutions, gently breaks down grease and dirt without damaging the fibers. We then rinse the carpet with warm water and vacuum any dirt away.

Step 5: Drying
The carpet is finally allowed to dry after completely removing any debris and remaining water.

Serving the Chesterton Community

At All Star Floor Cleaning, we are committed to serving the Chesterton community. We understand our clients' unique needs and always strive to exceed their expectations. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we are here to help you keep your floors and upholstery looking their best.

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